Wrong descriptions

I know it´s not the first thread attending this topic, but there seems to be no change. I don´t kow if it´s a translation problem (english to german) or something else, but it´s quite annoying.

The PvP event is statet as a Flatline and Saphyr event , but clearly is a Patriots event, as all Patriots heroes get bonus.

Oracles bronze skill, stil states to increase the cooldown, but lowers it instead.

The fragment events always state “collect or use fragments”, but when I use them by developing my hero, it´s not counted.

I don´t remember more at the moment, but there were more confusing decriptions in the last weeks. There is so much great work done in this game and the developers really seem to care about their game. So i don´t know, why they are so sloppy with the descriptions.

When it says “use fragments” it means “use elemental/universal frags”, I believe. In Spanish, for example, they used the word “apply”, which causes less confusion (I had to try it, though, so it’s still not as clear as it should)

But I totally agree with you. The wording used in a lot of skills and events is questionable, at best. I reported a mistranslation on Maven’s skill, two months ago. They still haven’t fixed it. I don’t know why they are so helpful with any bug or problem that may arise, but when it comes to mistranslations, they just shrug it off.

If they are not going to translate correctly, at least they should allow us to change languages.

It’s interesting that to set the game in English, I have to set my phone device to English, and there is no download. This means that the English language was already downloaded. Why can’t I set my game to another language, then?

Can you please send your localization issues directly to me. I’m working on improving our loc across all languages.

the sapphyr and flatline event means that all patriots get bonuses, but sapphyr and flatline get extra bonuses, 10 and 15x respectively.

What do you mean by localization issues?

  • Language localization, translating a product into different languages or adapting a product to a country or region (Directly copied from wikipedia)

I think he wants us to send him a PM with any translation error/confusion you may have found in the German version.

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Never heared this term before, thanks for helping me out.

Me neither. Had to google it, to be honest

Probably because they use translation software, grammatically it will give you problems, and ingame names like Patriots will even make it a bigger problem so that’s why they need to find where it is going wrong haha

Never found a grammar or wording mistake in the hero or skill descriptions. They are to good to be made by a translation software.

We don’t use a translation software, we have real people translating our content into different languages. However there is always ways to improve. We want to make the best possible game for everyone and in all the languages we can.

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