Yan Long and Holloway balance changes

Yan Long’s attack skill is a joke. Too long to charge and even when fired, has one of the longest air travel projectile time that I have seen. Absolutely garbage.

Holloway has the same issue tho not as slow. Attack skill too delayed, especially the clones’. That’s making an already slow attack animation slower when there is a delay for the clones to react and perform the same animation after the original. Meaning 2x slower and not likely to hit anyone more than half the time. The fact that the clones dont target track is also terrible so not only is there a delay but a delay while shooting at air. Without getting in the clone’s attack skill in, his attack skill goes from mediocre to garbage. And let’s not forget shooting at air with 3 clones that actually took a lot of time to activate only to hit air is garbage. And when they do hit it doesnt rly do all that much. High risk, average reward.

Both could either be faster or boost the damage to compensate.


Alotta heroes could use reworking, if we’re being completely honest. Imagine the damage that could’ve been done with Oro last bounty if he had gotten the long-deserved buff he needed, wow

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Im sure there are some. But maybe with damage numbers and not mind blowingly bad like these 2 where their mains DPS skills can barely hit ppl. Kinda like Beck’s lame bomb skill (but it has damage).

Attack animation is a bigger issue imo. They can give a 200 or 300x boost to these character damages n frankly they would still be useless. It’s not just a damage rebalancing but speeding up the action or some other effects to balance it. Larger splash area for both would be good i think.

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