Ive been waiting eagerly for another GUILDED FESTIVAL. I already saved enough. When will we have another???

Right after you use them all. :rofl:

On a serious note, I sure wouldn’t mind a gilded crate event either but just getting a new hero in there is all I’m waiting for.

Under the topic of guilded tokens can anyone say when kyoshi is being added to the crates?

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I would speculate about next month, or the beginning of the next year as it takes about 2-3 months for new gilded heroes to be added into the crate.

You know,many players are saving gilded tokens just for that gilded festiv & that’s why it is delayed… Use em all then, u’ll see an announcement of gilded festiv soon.
I already start using all tokens (except mw) on regular basis after realizing for now, i gotta work on my heroes first then, i’ll think about future rewards.
Living the present!

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