5 Vs Non 5 player Battles

I accept my team is not totally balanced in terms of power and stars , but did I do something horribly wrong to get matched up with this team of only 2 heroes .
Can somebody tell me how to beat such teams ?
Can developers tell me how to avoid such matchups? This is one major reason why I have reduced playing PVP .


It depends on your team composition as to whether or not you can beat one of these teams. Here’s an example of one I thought I wouldn’t have been able to beat.

By some miracle shivs dies first, and surge took out phalanx, barely. The team you faced could be beat with 4-cep and nightingale, plus a bunch of support units, maybe swap out night for prophet, just for damage.

Balancing the team would definitely help. But yours is fairly balanced that I see Also find a team that works for your playstyle i like to study skills so that is what my team focuses on. I almost always beat sanbaggers because I know how to play them with my team.

If I were in your shoes:

  1. Man Panzer and take castellan out asap.
  2. As soon as you see Fran take a swig, use Panzer’s bronze or silver skill to interrupt her.

If you’re able to take castellan out early, your castellan will get stronger over time and even if you lose everyone else, that should be enough to take her out still.

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Don’t want to take any names but in the higher Tiers players were discussing about a team with 100% win rate and coincidentally it was this same team . I agree maybe with a lot more practice or perhaps even luck I can beat the opponent . But what I gain only 40 PVP gems , Instead my opponent gets all 100 PVP gems and risks loosing fewer heroes lives .
I faced this for 2nd time in 2 days now . I have always asked this question before to developers but never got reply " Is this the way PVP is supposed (designed ) to be played originally ? Is this the example we want to set for newer players in the game ? "
But I haven’t got a reply , so I ask all how to escape such matchups or if possible win against them ?
@GAMER37XDEC, @Braveheart596 and @Pilfer. I respect and thank you for your replies . I also study hero skills and work with team setups which suit my style however this exploiting the rules of PVP is something I am strictly against and find very hard to win against.

I agree with you 100% and I even proposed that a person running a 2 man team should only at most gain 40 pvp gems, but that was shot down.

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I think its fine why else would you be able to run 2 heroes

It sucks, but these teams are definitely beatable. Having a hero that stuns or incapacitates for long time really shuts them down since there are only 2 or 3 heroes on the opposite team and it takes out half to a third of their team. They also get penalized pretty hard with a 15-20k power difference.

Much worse are 5 man teams where they have a 4 or 5 bar plat, 10* hero with some 7-8* and golds. They only get a few thousand point penalty most times

I’m not saying that a 2 man team is not beatable. My point is that the person running a legit five man even team should not be penalize by only earning at most 40 pvp gems and can lose up to 5 hearts, when the person running a 2 person team will at most lose 2 hearts but can still gain 100 pvp gems.


Practice and more Practice young grasshopper

I’ve beaten 2 as 3 man teams before. Each hero has more power, sure, but they are fewer in number and are more prone to getting overwhelmed if they can’t get their skills up.

It still boils down to team composition, whether you are running a defensive build, dps heavy, or a disruption-specialist team.

Just have to know who to target first and when.

Sometimes it’s as simple as killing weak ones first, unless you’re fighting ifrit, Kurtz, shank, or panzer.

Francoise is the key here. She’s boosts her team further if her team has fewer members than the enemy. I always aim for her first. I hate going up against these teams as they have a huge power advantage (plus Francoise’s bonus) and I get little reward for beating them as mentioned earlier.

I would tell you how to avoid meeting with such teams. and if all the same met, then how to defeat them. but I myself often play teams of 2-3 heroes. so I will not say anything) :grin: sorry my friend, but there’s nothing to be done about it yet)

Agreed. I met a two man team of castellan and francoise. Aimed for fran first, and after she bit it, that castellan soloed (yes thats right) my 5 man team. It feels so unfair its not even funny

Just had this duel in PVP , had a network issue , still can’t believe how the opponent Francoise could take out 2 of my heroes . I feel extremely bad , sad and dejected with such matchups .
Hope the developers take up this issue. I really don’t want to fight a Platinum opponent if my team is at Gold Level . This is really hard in terms of PVP gems and Hero lives to players who don’t spend any money on the game . We have 90 heroes in the game , on average, a player would have atleast 40-60, heroes unlocked , that is enough for 3 to 4 different team combination of 5 heroes . I beleive that HH needs to punish those players which don’t use 5 Hero Team in some another way .