7 star hero concept: Voidstalker

Purple cape with a shadowy outline.

Weapon: Void Smasher
Fire rate:1.25
Hero stats:4600 health, 46 armor

Bronze Skill Darkened Fall: Voidstalker summons a dark void all over the battlefield dealing massive amount of damage to enemies and 15% of that damage to allies. Lasts 8 seconds

Silver Skill Orb of the void: Voidstalker shoots a shadowy orb at the targeted enemy dealing x amount of damage and doing x amount of damage per second and decreasing the enemy’s fire rate, damage, and movement speed by 50%.

Gold Skill The shadows are always there: Enemies damaged by darkened fall and orb of the void have a disentegrate effect doing x amount of damage constantly (half a second).

Plat Skill Loosened: For every enemy that dies with the disentegrate effect Voidstalker gains x amount of health does x amount of extra damage and recovers x amount of health every second.

Ruby skill Doing Damage: Increases damage done by x amount.


The portal to this realm must’ve change Void up a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Good job! I like really like this concept. :+1:t2:)

Damage to allies would be interesting. Nice concept m8

Definitely a good start, but you can improve your presentation by using bold, italics, skill icons, and referenced character images to make your concept ‘pop’. This is an example of how I make mine.

Blocks of texts are not fun to read, even if the meat of the concept is fun. Something to keep in mind. :+1:t2:

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