Alliance Wars Needs Improvement

Just because you say it’s the truth, and “everyone” knows it, doesn’t make it true. You’re free to believe what you like, though.

Best of luck in the future!


I do not agree at all. They very much do care. Their livelihood depends on the success of this game and ours is enhanced by it.

I know I love the game and it brings me satisfaction throughout my days.


Personally I have been in a top 10 war alliance since beta and haven’t really experienced anything else other than my time running an alliance through my alt account that got to around 30m. I always like to say tubesteaks is and OG alliance because of the way we fight wars, up until the last 2 seasons we would always fight the old school beta style of reaching centre and 2* really fast with supply lines and then fighting from your front line. It is exhilarating and was always fun because it was a literal race against other alliances to reach the front where all the points are waiting for you. We won many wars and whole seasons doing this. But it has changed, war changes and the game has changed a lot. We have been forced recently to start using AS because we were the only ones in the top 10 who weren’t, in a way it’s sad because that feeling of rushing and working as a team screaming numbers at eachother is gone now. It’s been replaced by a simple AS to cut another alliance, oh they AS us to cut us and then you have to trade back sectors to get anywhere. In my opinion I don’t prefer this ‘strategic’ war and I always loved war because it was that adrenaline rush of who is going to be the fastest. Now it is who has the most AS sectors, where is the fun when sectors remained untouched and unconnected an entire war because of truces and they were taken on day 1. But that’s just my opinion, hopefully that is emotive enough for Muninn as to why I think the fun is draining from war.


  1. AS is killing war
  2. Players and truces can’t be changed
  3. We are being forced to use AS because there is active penalisation through losing if you don’t.

What does AS stand for?

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Airstrike or I guess it’s called Surprise attack in game


War was a lot more fun prior to all these ‘Improvement’ such as Surprise Attack being included. Surprise Attack being made available so early can set the tone early and make/break the war, hence why I recommended that the devs considered disabling the ‘build now’ option in the first hour.


Luv u Raz, but when was the last time they added a war update, aside from adding Serial to rewards? I don’t enjoy the game anymore because almost all the “new” content we get is two more useless heroes every month.

Hear me out - I’ve been playing this game for more than two years and it’s one of the only mobile games I’ve found myself enjoy this much. It’s really the only game a community has accepted me into. At my age, rejection is the easier choice for people. But I’ve used the excuse “the community is the only reason I play anymore” for far too long.

I get it’s Hot Head’s game and the devs can do what they want, but they don’t realize their game is still going because of us players!! We’re the people that put hours a day for years into this game and dump our money onto them. So many players out there go on the forums and go on discord and go on VIP chat hoping the devs will hear their opinions and thoughts. We want change and improvement but we don’t get it! It’s always “we’ll look into it” or “we’ll discuss it with the team” but really, when will we get what we want? When have we ever?

These last couple weeks have been really rough. It makes me sad leaving this community. I’ve even left discord so I don’t keep… frustrating myself. It truly kills me to say these things. But if I’m going to leave, retire, quit the game, whatever you want to say - I at least want my opinion to be heard.

People continue to defend the devs. Fine by me, I couldn’t care less what people think about me, especially if it’s over a damn game. I don’t know when people will start to realize what’s really going on in this game though. Just think about how much this game has costed you and what you’ve got in return…


Hi. First off, I hope things are getting better. Talk to the people you trust if you haven’t already. People vent emotion one way or another.


That’s a hell of a logic jump. We haven’t totally overhauled Wars, so we don’t get that a game doesn’t exist without active players?

It does help, instead of just yelling your demands, to listen occasionally. Have a conversation, like I’ve been trying to have in this topic, where I ask for specific types of feedback that help us best solve potential problems.

Your opinion is noted, and heard. Personally, I think you would have been more successful in the community if you listened as much as you speak your mind. We wish you all the best of luck in the future!

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I don’t mean to be rude or offensive…

First off, I never asked for u guys to overhaul war. I just want some changes. Lots of us do. 15 seasons in and nothing though.

Second, I’m not yelling my demands. I’ve been patient for the last two years. But again - nothing.

I’m happy that u and other devs take time off to go through and read these, and we all appreciate that. But I want to see changes, not just hear my opinions are heard. I hope u understand that.

I wish u and the team best of luck in the future as well :).


You can’t say they have done nothing. Not to mention, all I’m reading is a lot of anger and no suggestions…or even better, why you’re feeling the way you are. You’re also making a lot of claims that are downright false.


I hope you can understand that not meaning to be rude or offensive doesn’t mean you’re immune to being either of those things.

You’re telling us how we think and feel. I’m not into that. As always, you take a very extreme take on anything. “Do what I demand, or you don’t love me.”

You’re retired, but it looks like you need some help letting go. I’ll help you, one last time.

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