Alliance wars are awesome, and remember, they are WAR

War is messy. If you’ve ever been in a real war, you already know this to be true. War is political, war has wins and losses, war is gruesome, war can sometimes be boring, sometimes exciting and take all the creativity and skills you have to survive. Our AW is all that. Basically we have many teams all striving to win the war. Any means necessary. This is war. I believe HHG is doing an outstanding job with AW and for that matter all the events we choose to participate in. Sure, there could be tweaks. We offer constructive feedback, and they have meetings to discuss. But at the end of the day, its war. You can cry about it, whine, I’m stronger than your team so I should have won! You dont play fair! Mommy! Lol, it’s all good. Just play the damn game and the best team will win.



Doc holiliday amen brother


I agree with you 100% . This was well stated. It seems like everyday there are players complaining to devs due to their lack of success . At the end of the day it’s the skills that pays the bills .


OOOOH Yeah! :+1: :+1: