Caption this ☹️

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I caption this as ‘balanced’

He does actually have lower power

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But how he match ruby hero

At least it’s Matador and not Serial lol


Matchmaking only takes into account power and it’s distribution, not the individual heroes or what stage they are at (gold/platinum/ruby)

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It was pretty well balance, imo…

U two have almost similar power gap…
Both of u have around 13k power different between the strongest and the weakest hero…

So, it was a balanced fight… :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this a “caption this” contest?!

My caption is “play silly games, win silly prizes!”


Also worth noting that you had no real counter to Looseanoose’s heroes; a mech dps would be able to handle the enemy energy heroes fairly well, should you knock out Marianas quickly enough.

Additionally, the team you went with needs a good amount of time to reach full potential, while Loose’s team is built to deal damage as quickly as possible.

“Min-maxing meets unfortunate matchup” is the caption.

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I’ll caption this as
’ A fair battle between min-maxers’

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Ill caption this…Nanny nanny boo boo…stick your head in doo doo…:rofl::rofl:


My caption: when two types of sandbaggers meet.

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