Delete forum account

How do I delete forum account. In preferences or at the bottom of any page are no links to do anything but change my email asssocciatted with forum. Along with deciding to delete the app I’d rather post my thoughts that I deem to be constructive or not on app page reviews.

You’re free to share those thoughts, so long as it’s done in a constructive way.

Hey Chronic,

I’ve asked Discourse, the people who make the forum software, about this before. There’s currently no way to delete a forum account without you manually deleting all of your posts. Once there’s no content associated with an account, apparently then it can be deleted.

I find it weird that that’s the only way, but it is what it is!


Best case is to sign out and take a break if there is no official way to delete it. One day may come when you need to use the forums again and you’ll still have access to it

Sad to see you go man! Most people who have left the forums have left their accounts be. If notifications are coming in the forms of emails and what not, then you can turn those off in your settings.

Initially, when I joined this forum, I was bothered by all opinions Contradictory to meet all ideas and suggestions there is a wisdom in this This is the goal of gathering opinions. I wanted to get out. This is what anger generates. After thinking carefully, I managed because I was wrong with my decision. I am a decision maker and I have my children. I cannot fulfill all their requests, although I wish that, but there are limits to all requests. The owners of this forum and the game itself allowed us to share their ideas and suggestions, and this in itself is generosity from them, which you will not find in the rest of the games.
But in the end, you are the decision maker, and you are free to make what you deem appropriate for you, but we are saddened by the loss

Allowing a user to unregistered from a forum does not mean you are required to remove any of my posted content. Many many forums including Yelp and official Apple support webpage have posts that say user is diisabled. Can’t private message them is all, but their content posted isn’t removed. So you’re saying when I registered there was fine print that said I am commuting to a life long commitment? And you are confidant I don’t have screenshots do you can’t scramble to add this disclaimer pre lawsuit?

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Judgment on you for life … who enters does not come out :confounded:

Please re-read what I said. Speak to Discourse. This isn’t something I can physically do for you.

lmfao :joy: Can’t wait to see what damages you’re going to try and prove for that one

The forum programming is not within the control of HHG. Discourse designs the coding and features of the forum, which means this question should go to them. Kindly refrain from placing responsibility on the devs for this.