Elite Alliance

Join “[Valid] Elite Alliance”

Currently recruiting for Alliance wars, 4 spots left.
-At least 600,000 total power
-At least 10 captures in Alliance wars
-At least 300k for bounties
-Inactive for 3 days without valid excuse = kick
-Must be level 90 (but if you have 600k total power or higher we can make an exception)

Requirement numbers are subject to change as the Alliance slowly becomes more competitive. Alliance wars is a team effort so we need more active people.

Keeping grinding and upgrading your heroes. Most importantly have fun, cooperate, and interact with other members.

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Nice alliance…

300 thousand is cheap in bounty

We arent super competitive but we want a group of players committed to being active in the areas we want to succeed.

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300 thousand is a start. Like I said we’re slowly trying to become more competitive but we need people willing to put in the work.