[F4LL] F4LLOUT looking for 1 more active player

[F4LL] F4LLOUT is looking for new blood (level 80 or over). Alliance Wars rosters lock on the afternoon of 7/24, so if you’re looking for an active and chill group, hit me up or just apply to join.

We ranked 77th in the last bounty (requirements for the team are 600 mill minimum for members and 1 bill minimum for officers).

Active Alliance Wars participation is a must. Also, must take patrols - we get and will continue to get plat +1 crates.

We need 1 more active player before rosters lock for Alliance Wars.

I bring bagels on Friday, plus we have a team tree house. HBO? Yup. Free wifi? Roger that.

UPDATED: [F4LL] F4LLOUT is recruiting (level 85+ & over 700k power). We need 1 more member.

We placed 67th in the last bounty. Updated requirements for bounty are 750 mill min for members, 1.5 bill min for officers. Active daily Alliance Wars participation needed.