Fix the war of alliances

I want to make a complaint about the alliance war, please change the order of the maps or create new maps, because some alliances already know which map is next, they create their strategies with jump attacks and lock themselves up and cut off the others. alliances that do not have the opportunity to know which map to follow and is a great disadvantage to other alliances. please do something.

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Just learn the maps :man_shrugging: adapt and overcome


You can silently join them.


so to be fair to everyone, publish the maps for everyone, to have the same opportunity to create a strategy for the start of war

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Lol who uses surprise attack at the start of war anymore? That ability is played out in my opinion . Unveiling the maps won’t fix the issue . You need to join an alliance that has 23-25 players (with good/ high IQ) online at the start of war & reset. Those alliances are the ones who truly hold the advantage. Skill / Effective Communication / Execution is key consistent success.

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Lmao high IQ? what i experienced is almost all alliances do the same things in wars… Maybe PVPs needed good skills+good reflexes+quick decisions making skills+experience…but, wars are just stressful for doing the same thing again & again…hitting most 2* at start, Making truces, trading sectors, blocking ways are just same thing almost all top 20 alliances in all brackets follow…considering high iq… It’s just for personal satisfaction…war can only be run with mediocre tactics otherwise do fun/experiments & get less or flow with the flow of herd & get most out of it.

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Then learn them yourselves, you can’t complain about people strategizing and being smart



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The alliance chain system has many holes, 1) Many alliances already have the maps and that allows them to make a strategy before it starts, which is an advantage over the other alliances. 2) the upgrades must be activated 30 minutes after the start of the war, 3) there are alliances that give the base to another alliance. YOU WANT THE WAR TO BE FUN AND WORTH THE EFFORT, 1) 1vs1 (here you can only reward the one who wins the war, this so that all the alliances are strategic, and force them to make a war. "All the participants in the wars will receive the season award ") 2) have random maps each war … Note: more than 15 friends of mine left the game because it got boring, it is something that stopped being worth it, in my opinion the game has become very easy, and easy is boring. # They need to do a good restructuring of the events. players are getting bored of the same thing every month.

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I have tried talking to the devs about this in the past and eventually gave up, read my first comment on this thread. If you cant beat em, join them, adapt and overcome. There is no solution to politics of war just like there is no solution in real life politics. People will make alliances and truces and others will make pacts to beat against, there are few alliances that just fight at the top anymore as it is far easier to just take turns winning. Why collectively lose when you can wait for your turn to win. Restructuring any events wont change what is happening, it is the nature of war. This even happens in real life ya know, its just natural progression to eventually mutal assured destruction so everyone stops fighting.

Then you only have to change the name of the event, I leave some examples so that we can all adapt to the system. (truce of alliances, peace between alliances) and so all happy :),


I have to say, after reading the post that was flagged…I don’t understand why it was flagged. And i’m curious (for real, no sarcasm) why it was so that I can avoid doing whatever it was that caused someone to flag yours.

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I tried my best to understand why it’s only me who’s every single post is getting flagged continuously… i asked this in discord & some players/mods said it’s flagging abuse which i’m facing… I really don’t know what’s going on here or maybe my posts are really not falling under community guidelines…anyways…i loved the fact that someone regularly burning their calories on me

Well the last two in a row were flagged. Do the forum moderators know who flags a post because it doesn’t show the general user who did. And again, i’m not seeing a reason for either to have been flagged. I’ve seen other posts that were NOT flagged that I actually found offensive on a racial level. Your posts here at the end of this string of posts are………well just fine that I can see.

When someone is continuously flagged, their posts become auto-hidden when flagged. It’s then up to a moderator to review those flags, which we do ASAP. We can either agree, disagree, or ignore. We can see who is flagging, and their overall approval rating, and will get in touch with users who are abusing flags.

I’m not about to publicly discuss another user’s behavior, though. I will say in general terms to try to keep posts on-topic and constructive. That goes for everyone, really.

Darrell, if you found something unflagged and you found it offensive, you know you can flag it and explain why you find it offensive, right?


I knew I could flag, didn’t know I got to explain why. I’ll keep that in mind because I thought I couldn’t give input so I didn’t bother. Thank you sir.

There’s a flag for “other,” I believe, where you can type in your justification. We may not agree, but if you think concept helps, it’s a good tool!

yep, that’s what I was missing. Other. My teachers always told me to read all answers before choosing one. I never got the hang of that.

[quote=“Muninn, post:17, topic:20782”]

Muninn, you can do something about the maps, because it is a disadvantage for most that some already know which map to follow and make strategies before

Sorry, memory erasure technology is strictly in the realm of science fiction. I can’t make people not know what they know.