GAMMOND frag still on district 3-4, supposed to be MATADOR

I thought matador will be replacing gammond on hard campaign district 3 and 4???

I think that’s once the app update releases.

The game has already been updated. This is post update issues

Yep, you’re right. I just updated and Gammond is still there :slightly_frowning_face:

I already updated the game. And it still gammond

Already updated my game before i posted this

Thought it was just me

This is known already, don’t need to bombard the devs about it.

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Yup @Yosai there is a similar thread also regarding this issue

there is also an error with the fragments of Colonel Wesson, when you enter the mission are fragments of gammond

Looks like the icons have been changed but the rewards haven’t. I just fell victim to this myself. :cry:

Same with Barron frags, gives Callidus frags.

It’s been fixed now, but will I get the matador frags I wanted? I didn’t want Gammond frags. :pensive:

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