Hero Screen Tidy Up - [ROOM 101]


I am building up a lot of heros now and I know people have suggested a filter option to view one element at a time, or one faction at a time etc…

But I think another neat feature might be a Room 101 option whereby you can assign Heros that you simply never use to the BIN and save them clogging up your screen.

Anyways, food for thought…it could be called anything:
“Send back to boot camp”
“Place on latrine duties”
“Sit ont he naughty step”
Anything, jus get them off the screen.

Callidus, what did you say?.. Get back to those dishes!

@Howitzer // @BombBella

N.B. You can recall them at any time of course…

@KOMODOCHAOS, Hah. I liked the “Latrine duties” one. For those heroes that died to fast in PvP.

We’ve been looking for ways to improve this screen to make it more useful for everyone. Keep the ideas coming! They really do help.

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