HH Meme/Emote/others to-be Lab - Drop Them Here!

Good day guys.

I’m opening this thread to request you guys on sending me some pictures that would fit to be as an emote or a meme or anything that can do if you have request.

See sample output below.

godlante rocks! matasaiyan PrisMenacing odachi pouty face Pheonix angry keel  epic face

Raw files I used:

Pris_a Oadachi Keel


Drop those best/wackiest/craziest/coolest/awesomest screenshots you can get and let’s try to get the best of it.

Also, if you have an idea, you can tell me and well try to form it. HAHA

Halo shigaraki


high briR

How high can the Briar be?


– credits to @Vintermyst for the idea and for the raw image.


That might be a bit too high lol

another example. Sleeping brogan.

original picture:

Send me some pictures guys and I’ll try to create something from of it same as above.


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