Hmm...Something interesting

So…those jokes weren’t jokes at all in the end.
The lines are starting to connect.
Two worlds will clash.


Yeah, it was pointed out on discord. All we can do is wait for that day for further info on this crossover episode.

All we have are theories and possibilities

Pardon me, it’s not like everyone uses discord

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The hero, (keep in mind this is if they’re added) would probably be the same rating (star wise) as in forged fantasy, and probably mech. Possible faction would be morlocks, or they’ll get added to the gilded crate.

It would be a miracle to get a 3* but it’s a blitz event hero, wondering what we would have to do in order to get him

Seeing as how to other guaranteed blitz event was for serial, and you had to spend an obscene amount of gold, I’d assume that it’s gold, but it could be literally anything, so we have to wait till next Friday to find out. Also, isn’t jackal literally the same hero design as elite rifleman but a fantasy version? Wouldn’t make much sense to make him difficult to obtain as you could get a version already from the hero crate.

I would love to see some FF content crossover as exclusive skins or something.


I would love to see some NEW FF content. lol :joy::wink:


Personably feel that forged fantasy has potential as a game, but it needs some more stuff. Yes all the heroes are basically heavy reskins of various hero hunters characters, but they’re cool in their own ways, for example there’s a seven star angel type character who has all of galantes skills, granted they’re not at all the same in animation, but it’s the same effect. (Also, why is galante not a seven star when the fantasy version is??) But, to sum things up and end this rambling post, the game in itself is rather nice, but progression is a little slower than hero hunters.

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Found this


Well well well, how the turn tables


I just check and saw it to. Interesting… :face_with_monocle:

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Oh my god I SWORE I saw that myself out of the corner of my eye, so I waited and it took FOREVER for the skins to loop back around again so I gave up.
Edit: right after I wrote this, I went to see if I could find it, and I did, in about 30 seconds lmao

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Actually, some skins can change colour and even shape of weapons. Check Beck case below.

My guess its a skin for this hero Jackal info

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If this is a hero it explains the morelock bonus…he fits in well

Maybe he’ll be a legendary skin for rifleman. Or just a skin applicable to any hero to turn them into the jackal hero. If the second one is the case, I’ll finally have some use for ifrit.

Great easter egg find! I like that the devs hid this for people to find too. Looking forward to whatever this crossover event has in store.