How long does account exists?

Guys if anyone leaves the game for a while then for how much time the account progress such as team level , power , campaign progress etc. ? If anyone have got any ideas plz tell.

Hi you may need to rephrase your question, it doesn’t make much sense at the moment I am not sure what you are trying to ask :slight_smile:

The account progress stays the same as the last time you left it.

Accounts last for the life of the game, as long as the service is accessible. They can’t be deleted, and will be there in the same state you left them when you come back.


So HH accounts work the same as Instagram accounts.

I thought a couple of months ago a few mods were talking about getting rid of a bunch of year old lower level accounts from the server

Ok thnx @Muninn for the complete description

Yep, untill HH closes and you have your account linked to either FB or Google Play everything should be there.

Althought I am in vote of small, old accounts and names being purged :man_shrugging:

Sometimes devs will chat on Discord and in VIP casually about things like “I wouldn’t mind freeing up old accounts” or “I wish Ryker’s missile launcher shot rainbows.” I wouldn’t take those as confirmations of actual initiatives.


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