I am looking for an alliance

I, the great Cpt. Lappo, am looking for an active clan.
I write, read and speak English even if sometimes I forget a few words, but I can adapt quickly.

PvP unless they are alliance events I don’t do any, I’m more active in War, Bounty and Patrols.

For the rest I connect just to mess around.

I may be exaggerating, but I’m looking for a high-ranking war clan.

Hey bud. Couldn’t find you in search but we are an active competitive alliance looking to go. Currently ranked 8th in season war.

i would say check out my clan Dogod, but we arent that “high level”. we are currently #2 in the alliance war. but thats about it. feel free to look us up and if interested, feel free to join.

Join us (XTLX)THE LUNATICS we are top 50

For more information pm SIL4NT KILL4R

Ok guys, stop the invites.
I got adopted

Can you remove word story advertising and give some exchange one to another means gold sword convert into platinum

I… uh… i-i…hmmmm… ???