Improve Heroes and Crates menus

As of right now there are 60 different heroes and many more will come. Being only able to sort one’s heroes by the amount of power can be quite annoying. Looking to upgrade one of your lower powered heroes? Be prepared to scroll for awhile and then some more when you realize the hero is more towards the middle than in the end.

I would like to be able to select the sorting order by other metrics than highest power e.g

  • Reverse power
  • Metal rarity (and reversed)
    *A-Z and Z-A

I would also like to be able to use the metrics mentioned above and chose to show only

  • A particular faction
  • A particular element

The Crates menu would also benefit from a redesign. Right now there are 10 different crates available and it’s quite tedious to scroll past most of them to get to the free ones.

Feel free to ad more ways you would want to sort your heroes


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