Is this a hero? Or is it a Fill Soldier?

It is the first time that this character. I do not know if he is a common hero or soldier. even when I played I saw that I throw two skills that I could not see everything.

also the Rifleman UAF version


Hmm! Super interesting!

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ahh he looks like Blaze…

Where did you see this?

He’s an enemy in district 14

also in the loading screen…

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Looks like if Moss joined the Kurtz side. Before the initial sacrifice for the empire

Considering how radical the newest artwork was, I thought it was just a slightly different designed Moss.

This could be addition to the current factions; if you follow the storyline from the beginning of district 14, then it makes sense, I also saw them on 14-1

In the Campaign, you can consider him a “fill soldier” like Vanguards, Operators, etc. But he has a whole skill loadout, so he’ll probably be a Hero soon. Below are pictures of him and his skills.

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Wow amazing damage but once you get out of his bronze skill area all his other skills become useless.

I don’t know, 20 seconds is a pretty long time to charge up other skills. Might be a bit OP currently.


seems high, but this is a level 96 ability on a level 96 10-star plat 5 dude.

Future hero to come surely

Whoa! Are yoy IOS user? Because on Android if I try watch new goons skills game say what I need update. Even if used curent version of game.

Yo tambien soy de IOS

I’m on iOS, and I have that issue too. I can look at “Purifier” (UAF pyromaniac) and “Commando” (UAF version of Elite Rifleman), but not the Vanguard, Operator, and Sentry counterpart troopers.

I think they’re gonna release them as skins

Could be legendary skins…