July 2021 Update Notes: The Verrill Update

We’re investigating! Thanks for the report

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I got same problem, I’m going to post this, thanks!

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I have the same problem. All of the event rewards you failed to claim have disappeared. Please solve this problem quickly.

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Hello everyone! I made a short video about a new hero … :ok_hand:


Ok, I have Verril at Ruby+1, and let’s just say, he is one of the best dps heros to come out in a while!

Nice job on him!

Thank you,



something is wrong here :thinking:


I really like this hero, thanks for bringing him to the game. :smiley:

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what about the war? can i go to sleep?

We’re aware and working on getting it resolved as soon as we can! Thanks.

Anyway to turn off the discovered bounty notifications?

It’s extremely annoying how it fills my screen when pvp is loading up. :frowning:

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You are totally right, man. And this is the reason I left the game in January. Sometimes I enter in the forum hoping to find that developers do something new… but I am continually disregarded.
And I had been a real fan of this game for two years, bringing my level hero to 95… it’s just a shame :frowning:

When is Warden being released in the gilded crate, it says she’ll be in there but she’s not yet.

You aren’t disregarded, if what you are saying is something new to them then they take note and pass it along to the right person. Remember a lot of these updates are planned out months in advanced so they don’t make immediate changes on the fly unless it’s urgent. Try to relax and if you cannot then take a few months off and let the new updates either surprise you or help you go your way to another game.

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