July Update Notes


The July Update is out now!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

What’s New?

New Hero

UAF Airborne
Elite assault breacher. Panzer represents the best the UAF has to offer, combining state of the art equipment and training to make a deadly warrior, excellent at initiating a fight and brawling while outnumbered. Panzer is an aggressive attacker who kicks off each fight with a bang.



Look Fresh on the field

  • Hero Skins can be equipped to Heroes to change their appearance!

New ways to get stronger

  • Skins also provide a small stat boost to your Heroes
  • Legendary skins swap out one of your Hero’s skills!

Level up Skins

  • Skins can be leveled up to increase their stat boosts!

Getting Skins

  • Skins can be won in the Skin crate, or purchased using Skin Nanodust.

Skin Tokens Icon_SkinGem

  • Use Skin Tokens to open Skin Crates or level up your Skins
  • Earn Skin Tokens in PvP Tournaments, Alliance Store, or the Heronium Store

Skin Nanodust Icon_SkinDust

  • Duplicate Skins are broken down into Skin Nanodust. Use Skin Nanodust to purchase any skin you want!

Here is a list of the Skins being released in the July Update:

Legendary (1) Rare (4) Common (8)
Combat Medic Nightingale Centurion Phalanx Night Op Butter
Sea Scavenger Cast Ultraviolet Fortress
Lone Outlaw Clyde Game Face Razorback
Patriot Dogface Neon Beck
Commando Hardscope
Timberland Mandrake
Bones Cross
Lowlight Ghoul


How do you get Heronium Gems?

  • Once you Evolve a Hero to a 10-Star rating, any Hero Fragments you earn for that Hero will be converted into Heronium Gems. Spend your Heronium Gems in the Heronium Store on upgrades that best fit your needs.


  • Heronium can be used in the new Heronium Store, where you can purchase Elemental Fragments, Hero Fragments, and Skin Tokens for unlocking unique customization options for your Heroes!

To learn more about the reasoning behind this addition, please head to this post explaining more.

Fast forward

  • Autoplay is being unlocked for all players!
  • New x2 and x3 speeds through the Fast Forward function!
  • Fast Forward is unlocked at Team Level 25 or VIP 1
  • Fast Forward is not available in PvP, Bounties, and Co-op

Store Hub

  • You will now find all stores in the new Store Hub menu (found where the Black Market used to be)
  • You will be able to access all your stores from this hub! Including the new Heronium Store.

Other Notes

Movement Speed Reduction

  • Skills that can reduce movement speed now more consistently slow down their targets, rather than inconsistently affecting roll speed verses run speeds. As a result a few skill have been adjusted to reflect these changes. See Hero Changes.

Hero Changes

Elite Rifleman Elite Rifleman

Reworked Hot Shot:

  • Added unlimited ammo during duration, but removed reload speed buff.
  • Reduced Fire Rate bonus.
  • Increased bonus Damage.
  • Added Elemental Damage over Time.

Reworked Scatterfire:

  • Fires all projectiles at up to 3 enemies, instead of the entire team.

Scum Scum

Improved Exhumation:

  • Added minor Heal over Time whenever Exterminate or Fumigate are active.
  • Reduced Heal when target is killed.

Improved Breathe Deep:

  • Added a cooldown reduction at the end of a wave.
  • Reduced Heal over Time.

Moss Moss

Improved Transfusion:

  • Provides bonus Health equal to unused Healing.
  • Adjusted self damage to be more consistent.

Surge Surge

Improved Gravity Well:

  • Improved cooldown.
  • Removed duration, but only 1 Gravity Well can be active at a time.
  • Added a movement speed reduction for nearby enemies.

Fischer Fischer

Improved Tether Trap:

  • Improved consistency; Reduced travel time, increased trigger range, reduced trigger delay.
  • Improved Movement Speed reduction.

Caine Caine

Improved Armor Up:

  • Improved pickup radius.

Adjusted Counter Measure:

  • Improved pickup radius.
  • Added an expiration, if charges aren’t depleted within the duration.

Odachi Odachi

Adjusted Poison Caltrops:

  • Reduced Movement Speed reduction.

Savage_a Savage

Improved Defensive Fire:

  • Improved Movement Speed reduction.

Dogface Dogface

Adjusted Fire at Will:

  • Reduced bonus Ammo capacity.

Oracle Oracle

Fixed First Strike:

  • No longer triggers outside of a wave transition.

Ghoul Ghoul

Fixed Molotov:

  • No longer lights himself on fire.


Ghoul could set himself on fire? LOL


Love it! Finally a quality of life update worth while. Thank you devs :slight_smile:

Yeah, Ghoul would just start to spontaneously combust, it was a real bother. Glad to see it’s fixed

Sounds like an hilarious bug. Clumsy Ghoul

I WAS SO PISSED for so long when ghoul lit himself on fire, I sent so many screenshots and talked to the devs constantly, for me if you had caine armor him or counter measure ghoul during a mission and then ghoul threw a molotov, he would light himself on fire and burn to death. since his fire is stronger then his own healthbar. My 10* plat ghoul , crouching in cover begging to Agni himself to spare my ghoul for a foolish mistake of thinking I deserved to hold fire.

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Loving the update. Theres so much new content and changes. Excited to see what you guys do in the future.

RIP my boy Caine. Your OPness will be missed.
Great update still, i’d welcome anything new.

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Haven’t tried anyone out yet, as I have just updated, but very reasonable buffs/nerfs from what I’ve read. Well done developers :+1:t3:

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Why is cast hard mode fragment replaced by sentry?
I’ve been wasting my time for 10star cast…

Probably because Sentry was replaced by Cast in PvP store… it works out for you actually because heroes in the PvP store are much easier to grind than Hard mode heroes.

All awesome! But what does this mean regarding Moss?
“Provides bonus Health equal to unused Healing.”

Your Hero has 100k HP and got 50k damage. Moss heal will do 75k.

So instead of healing your hero to 100k he now has 125k Hp. But if he goes down below 100k again, other Healers can only heal him back to 100k again.


Awesome update!thx very much Hothead!love it!

Bang up job on the dog nerf. Way to do nothing. Still ridiculously overpowered.

Nooo my dog! My favorite hero getting nerfed :sob:

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Try him out before you judge. I can’t say that they nerfed him much, barely at all actually.


While I love this update, I get the feeling that too many things got left out of these patch notes.

And I like most of these stealth changes, so I’m not really complaining. I just think that doing changes without informing them can lead to confusion.

Here is a list of the changes that were not informed (and I found)

  • Salvatore has been replaced on daily rewards by Cinder
  • Maven and Sentry have been replaced on PvP store by Cast and Mauler
  • Cast has been replaced on hard missions (1-3, 1-5, 2-3) by Sentry.
  • Level 70 raids have been added (solo and coop raids)
  • New achievements have been added (Clearing lv 70 coop raid and level 70 solo raid)
  • Beck’s Evasion Field (gold skill) got a new effect for more visibility. Instead of being transparent, she now has a blueish glow (similar to Halloway’s clones)
  • Every portrait hero now displays the logo of their faction
  • Addition of 6 hours patrols. While these patrols take longer, they also reward more points, so it may be easier to complete platinum tier, if the whole alliance is active.
  • Patrol system seems to have been balanced. Now patrols seem to gravitate toward longer, but more rewarding patrols. So doing the daily 100 will be harder, but plat crate may be easier (This one still needs some time to check. My alliance could have been super lucky today)
  • Unlocking a skin also unlocks a portrait of said skin.
  • Updated skill icon for a few heroes (Elite Rifleman, Vanguard and Operator. Maybe more, but I don’t think so)
  • Artwork for some portraits have been updated (Moss, Gammond, Phoenix, Scum and Cast)
    [I liked old Gammond more, but the rest look better, from my personal opinion]
  • Yanlong’s platinum has been improved. Armor under 50% HP has been increased. Can’t really tell how much since there is a bug with skill display.

That should be everything


Why was the quantity of self damage in the skill description of Moss Transfusion removed?


Probably to be similar to other self damaging skills, like Phoenix or Flatline.

But in my opinion it should be the other way. The 4 self-damaging heroes (Heckler, Phoenix, Flatline and Moss) should have the amount stated in description, so we can know if the risk is worth the reward in certain situations.