Kunoichi Brawl connection issues

Searching for opponent … no pvp possible atm ?


Same for me and everyone in my alliance. Looks like this event is bugged right from the jump. Hopefully there will be a patch soon.

90% of players can’t start the battles, there is endless download.

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+1 same here for me and lots of my Ally guys

It’s the same with half of the community or more

Hell, it’s not working =(

Merging both posts on this topic. We’re seeing this on our end as well and looking into it right now. Stay tuned for updates.

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Losing over an hour of prime game time is rough for a 1 day event, doubt anyone will get that halo/pris avatar now :confused:

Dont quote me, but the halo/pris avatar is from event, you can earn points from Free PvP, and Free PvP still works. We will only have problems with the Kunoichi brawl. But yeh, we still were hurt by this bug, because event started at 9:00 PM (in my timezone), PvP refresh kicks in at 11:00 PM, so I already lost a bunch of PvP battles, less score :frowning:

Normal pvp not working here

Normal PvP works for me… Kunoichi PvP and Co-op raids are not working, tho. This connection bug looks weird, seeing how some people can play the event brawl, others can play PvP (like me), while others can’t :confused:


Thanks normal pvp works for me too. So Halo/Pris avatar is obtainable at least

Не работает пвп

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