Looking for Alliance in Europe

hey all, i’m looking to switch to an alliance closer to my timezone (CET) that is english speaking. I’m level 71 and am 100% active.
lemme know if you have a spot on your alliance.

100% active? What is that out of?

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Zero % inactive.
I hope you find a good alliance! Where in Europe are you? I’ve seen a few Swedish themed alliances for instance.

I usually use a scale of 100 / 100 when calculating percentages.
In other words, I mean to say that I am completing all challengings, missions, raids, co-ops, etc. daily.

really doesnt matter “where” but just to have similar timezone +/- 1 hr to the other members. right now im in france on an alliance in the far east. hmmm. makes co-op difficult.

We are mostly based in the uk but have members from all over look up pride of the fallen 3 or send me a message (shouldmeat) and we can get you in

Hey there. This still valid? I couldn’t find you or the alliance.