Looking for strong 85+ alliance

Looking for a strong alliance to join. The one I’m in, half the people dont participate.
Looking to hit the top reward for bounties and win wars.

Possibly have another guy looking to join as well. So if you have a 2nd spot, let me know

Here is my team power and all…

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You could join mine, i am building it and i don’t have any members yet, it will be a dedicated alliance, 750k minimum and 1 billion minimum for bounty, skullfinders

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You can check out warfighter

May be ROTS… as I think they need 2 good players & they always hit top milestone in bounty and also top 30 at least in war for every season…

If you’re still.looking then check out British Asians. We are looking for some serious gamers for pvp wars and we are very much active

Salut! Quels sont les personnages à privilégier selon toi?

Brezzzy life look us up:)