March 2020 Events Calendar

Welcome to March!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Solo Raid

  • Mar 9th to Mar 13th – Solo Raid
  • Mar 23rd to Mar 27th – Solo Raid

Coop Raid

  • Mar 2nd to Mar 6th – Coop Raid
  • Mar 16th to Mar 20th – Coop Raid
  • Mar 30th to Apr 3rd – Coop Raid

Solo Blitz

  • Mar 3rd to Mar 5th – Solo Blitz
  • Mar 10th to Mar 12th – Solo Blitz
  • Mar 13th to Mar 16th – Solo Blitz
  • Mar 17th to Mar 19th – Solo Blitz
  • Mar 24th to Mar 26th – Solo Blitz
  • Mar 27th to Mar 30th – Solo Blitz

Alliance Blitz

  • Mar 6th to Mar 9th – Alliance Blitz
  • Mar 19th to Mar 23rd – Alliance Blitz

PVP Tournaments and Brawl

  • Mar 2nd to Mar 3rd – PVP Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Mar 3rd to Mar 5th – PVP Tournament: Irezumi and Klayton
  • Mar 10th to Mar 12th – PVP Tournament: Irezumi and Shivs
  • Mar 16th to Mar 17th – PVP Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Mar 17th to Mar 19th – PVP Tournament: Irezumi and Serial
  • Mar 24th to Mar 26th – PVP Tournament: ??? and Irezumi
  • Mar 30th to Mar 31st – PVP Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Mar 31st to Apr 2nd – PVP Tournament: ??? and Brogan

Faction Fights

  • Mar 6th to Mar 9th – Faction Fight: People’s Guard and Patriots
  • Mar 20th to Mar 23rd – Faction Fight: People’s Guard and Patriots


  • Mar 13th to Mar 16th – Bounty: People’s Guard and Patriots
  • Mar 27th to Mar 30th – Bounty: ???

Special Events

  • Mar 2nd to Mar 9th – Irezumi Skin Event
  • Mar 9th to Mar 16th – Serial Skin Event
  • Others to be announced soon!

Monthly Store Changes

:vs: PvP Store Updates

  • Matador and Beck will be featured for the month of March!

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store Updates

  • Matador will be featured for the month of March!

So next faction is Magistrates? (because Brogan is featured?) GREAT! :smiley:

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Holy solo Blitzes Batman!


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my 9* salavtore will be finally be put to use!!

When will you guys swap out cinder for the Daily login

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Heronium :heart_eyes: storessssssssssss niceeeeeee

Buddy , I seriously don’t want them to replace Cinder from Daily Login. I am grinding daily and have Cinder nearly at 9* and soon want to 10* her to farm for Heronium.

I wanted to give a suggestion to Developers - Even if after every 2 or 3 months , you put a old/released last year 5 Star Hero in PVP Store , it would be really awesome. Just like Heckler was put last month. Being relatively new player , chances of unlocking some 5* hero is good but for some it’s very less .

Razorback - His fragments is available in PVP crate that opens after 5 wins .

Hideo- His fragments are available as rewards in Alliance Wars .

Heimlock , Francoise , Chesterfield - From time to time we get fragments of these hero in Alliance Store.

5* Heroes that require lot of Luck to unlock - Oracle ,Alvarez , Shivs , Odachi , Phalanx , Phoenix. (Skipping the newly released 5* heroes ) These 5* hero (Alvarez , Shivs,Oracle , Odachi , Phalanx , Phoenix) are available in many crates but the probability of getting them varies person to person but putting them in place of Razorback in PVP crate or as Alliance war reward would motivate to go that extra mile and grind more to unlock them instead of just cursing my luck when I open Hero Crate with 10x with 2700 Gold( It happened to me , I unlocked Alvarez 3 times with this crate and I was like why I keep getting him , am I doing something wrong or do I need a new crate opening ritual).


I get that. But she’s been in there and in hard missions before. Everyone should have her 10*. There only been three daily hero’s since I start matador (first 10*), surge, and cinder. And it’s been 700 days since I started. It’s time for a change

Leaving cinder as the daily hero gives players who are grinding hard something to look forward to. Those who have been playing for 700 days (as and example) have far more avenues for heronium. Changing out cinder may discourage mid level grinders and even those just starting out.


I mean, they took out Salvatore as daily reward frags 2 days after I 10*ed him. And cinder has been in reward crate much longer than Salv was.I think a change would be good

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Please add Kurtz frags in gold create…