March 2021 Events Schedule

:four_leaf_clover: Welcome to March! :four_leaf_clover: :rainbow:

NOTE: Some events (ie: Bounty) may need to be cancelled/rescheduled for in-game maintenance this month. If this does happen, we’ll let you know on this post.

UPDATE: Check out our Mar 5th Bounty update here: Bounty Update Mar 5th 2021

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Solo Blitz

  • Mar 2nd to Mar 4th
  • Mar 5th to Mar 8th
  • Mar 9th to Mar 11th
  • Mar 11th to Mar 18th – not on calendar
  • Mar 16th to Mar 18th
  • Mar 19th to Mar 22nd
  • Mar 23rd to Mar 25th
  • Mar 30th to Apr 1st

Alliance Blitz

  • Mar 12th to Mar 15th
  • Mar 25th to Mar 29th

Solo Raid

  • Mar 1st to Mar 5th
  • Mar 15th to Mar 19th
  • Mar 29th to Apr 2nd

Coop Raid

  • Mar 8th to Mar 12th
  • Mar 22nd to Mar 26th

PVP Tournaments and Brawls

  • Mar 2nd to Mar 4th – PVP Tournament: Slurp and Icebox
  • Mar 8th to Mar 9th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Mar 9th to Mar 11th – PVP Tournament: Slurp and Silhouette
  • Mar 16th to Mar 18th – PVP Tournament: Slurp and Phoenix
  • Mar 22nd to Mar 23rd – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Mar 23rd to Mar 25th – PVP Tournament: Slurp and Heimlock
  • Mar 30th to Apr 1st – PVP Tournament


  • Mar 5th to Mar 8th – Bounty: Morlocks
  • Mar 19th to Mar 22nd – Bounty: Morlocks

Faction Fights

  • Mar 12th to Mar 15th – Faction Fight: Morlocks
  • Mar 26th to Mar 29th – Faction Fight: Morlocks

Special Events (NOT ON CALENDAR)

  • Mar 4th to Mar 11th – Slurp Skin Event
  • Mar 11th to Mar 18th – Snaps Urgent Mission
  • Mar 16th to Mar 23rd – Sham-Rocked 2021
  • Mar 25th to Apr 17th – Easter Scavenger Hunt - details to come in upcoming update notes!

Don’t Forget about Daily Raids!

:calendar: Monthly Store Changes :calendar:

  • No store changes at this time!

Simple update. I like.

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Is there a way to turn off the notifications during bounty? When we finish bounty early it gets really annoying to keep having the bounty notifications everyday.

If there is not, could HH possibly think about adding a on and off switch for that in a future update? :slight_smile:

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Remember when i was spending a ton of stamina and constantly got bounty messages

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So what was the update last night about? Game starting lagging really bad then I had to go to App Store and update.

The 4.8.1 update was just a quick patch to fix a few minor errors. Nothing too exciting!


I get that it’s a feature in the game but the CO-OP pvp is just a match making nightmare and a complete mess. Why hold events strictly for it if it is so flawed and downright unfair at times? Actually unbalanced and unfair most times.

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I don’t find the matchmaking is that bad and I play it all day long everyday. I have only seen it with unfair power when one team intentionally tries to game the system.

I don’t like co op pvp events because they are hard playing ruby teams all day and I can’t leave it on auto and get wins like I normally do.

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