Muuin here is a message for u

I would like to know why the developer muuin closed my team comp the other one was my friends know i cant get feedback why is it such a big deal you guys made this so people could discuss topics about the game to help all of us out its not very helpful when u close a topic because i posted another thread that wasnt even meant for feedback i was just helping anyone who was stuck the one that was closed was me trying to get help from the community I dont find it very helpful especially from a developer that should be helping instead of discouraging from using this site how about next time give me a heads up instead of just closing my topic. I suggest if u would like me to share my awesome experiences with others then i would like to see u guys be more encouraging.

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Hey Wescheeks,

Creating multiple topics with similar themes is against Forum Rules. I suggest you go over them, here’s the link:

You don’t need to make multiple topics to discuss specific team comps, you can just add to your original topic and others will be able to see it and comment on it. We like to keep things tidy on this forum, and we expect all users to do so as well. We don’t discourage discussion, rather we like it to take place in one thread versus multiple threads where others can’t follow.

I will be closing this topic. Thanks.