New Hero Concept: Truck - Armored Truck

Element: Mechanic
Faction: S.W.A.T.

Hp 3/5
Armor 4/5
Damage 4/5
Skills 3/5

You need support? Call me.
Do you need destruction? Call me.
Do you want a hug? At your own risk

Huge cyborg equipped with a unnecessarily huge laser gun as a weapon for “personal defense”.


Bronze: Des-TRUCK-tion - It charges for 4 seconds a powerful laser beam that destroys anything it encounters.

  • The beam is slow and can be easily avoided.
  • The enemy will be hampered for as long as the beam passes.

Silver: Explosive Friends - Recalls a drone equipped with a rocket launcher.

  • you can recall up to 3 drones and each recall increases the reload time of the skill
  • Each drone has 10 rockets
  • drones remain in the field until they run out of ammunition or are destroyed.

Gold: Kamikaze - When the drones run out of ammunition, they automatically throw themselves at the enemy.

Platinum: Random Boost - Each time you fire, you get a random bonus between: Explosive, incendiary, Energy and Acid.
The explosive shot causes damage in a small area, the incendiary shot causes fire damage over time, the energy shot blocks abilities for a few seconds and the acid shot corrodes the cover.

Appearance: is a huge cyborg that in theory should look like a big truck, but since I can’t draw you have to settle for it.

His weapon the “Devastator” is a large-caliber, pump-action cannon.
(very slow rate of fire, enormous damage, medium recharging)

a bit of Backstory:
He is head of the engineering section of S.W.A.T., many of the weapons and armor he created and also takes care of their maintenance.
He owns several bodies, one for each sector (the one in the picture is for combat).
Although you wouldn’t say, he’s a very cheerful guy.
He lost his body during a chase with the police, lost control of the tanker, there was a fire and everything exploded.

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Hahahahahaha I love this.