New skins for heroes, why not? (P.2)


I did a second part, both because the old post was old and they closed it and because the skins are back.
I think

These are another pair of skins I thought of this summer.
I had to do this post first, but I completely forgot.

Panzer: Maus (legendary) - has an armor reminiscent of a German soldier Wolfenstein style, with greyish armor a little chipped and with some dents, has a simpler helmet with pilot’s glasses.
Bronze: Heavy breach - fires a non-explosive projectile at high speed that completely ignores the target’s normal armour and eventual shield, damaging it heavily.

  • The projectile causes extra damage based on the amount of armor in the possession of the target.
  • if the target survives, its armour is reduced by 50% until the end of the game

Baron: Mastodon (rare) - has a thicker, heavier armoured armor.
Grey and black metallic color, and details in bright blue

Ghoul: Punk (rare) - give a punk look to the little Ghoul with a hairstyle that violates the laws of gravity, a pair of black glasses and a mask with a mouth drawn on (or a black mask with mouth and eyes drawn with the spay dripping), leather jacket with studs, torn jeans, green shirt and black boots.

Ghoul: Country Cousin (legendary) - has a blue dungarees, whitish t-shirt, a bag pierced as a mask and/or a straw hat and long striped socks and work shoes.
Bronze: Grandpa’s Liqueur - throws a bottle containing a highly flammable liquid that quickly ignites the entire field causing great damage.
Flames spread easily but remain in the field for less time.

Kunoichi: Cherry Blossom (leggendary) - has an improved, lighter, flexible armor.
white with dark pink hues

(the appearance is this but the colors are different)

Bronze: Hidden Blades - Launch 3 kunai that hit and stun 3 different enemies.
The fewer enemies there are, the more damage and stunning time they cause.

Razorback: Gladiator (leggendary) - obtains a Roman gladiator armor with helmet and skirt included

Silver: spiked net - launches a net that slows down and constantly damages the target

  • the target suffers damage with any movement it makes

Operator: Safety First (legendary) - Basically only the helmet changes and the colors change from black to white with red crosses on the sides of the helmet, on the shoulders on the chest and back and adds a green shoulder bag
Bronze: First Aid Kit - Launches a medical kit at the feet of the ally with less health.

  • kits heal less, but more than one can be thrown at a time

Halo: Cyber Candy (leggendary) - a more futuristic dj look for Halo.
wearing a black single wide shoulder shirt, black long tight pants, sneakers, a pair of black glasses (the ones with the colored lights), and a pair of headphones, the hair is tied behind
Silver: WUB WUB - Shoot an energy sphere that explodes and generates electric beams that hit all enemies.
the enemy hit directly from the sphere, suffers twice as much elemental damage

Butter: Behemoth (rare) - the bigger the better

Razorback - Pretty Pretty Princess (rare) - dressed in a blood-stained pink tutu, fairy wings, a gold tiara, a red T-shirt, blue pants, and pink shoes.

Prophet: Dead Demon - gives a more demonic appearance, the costume is completely black (Vantablack to be precise), the details go from blue to bright red blood, the mask resembles more to a skull with a single eye, the plates of the cloak are black with iridescent burgundy.

Halloway: Hellbent (leggendary) - completely colors the suit in dark red, the mask is stretched a little to simulate a jaw with sharp teeth, two black horns are added, the eye changes color from blue to orange as well as the rest of the details.

Silver: Infernal Cannon - It charges an energy sphere that explodes in a confined area causing great damage.

  • If clones are present, it consumes them to enhance the damage and radius of the explosion.
  • For each clone, damage and radius increase by 15%.

some drawings I made them on the phone (believe me, draw with a shaking thumb all the time is quite difficult), the rest of the illustrations are taken from google images.
This post links to this other one


I want CptLappo to be hired immediately by hothead. Thank you. Real Hero!


Agreed. Now if we can get a get a HHG guy whose sole job is to make cosmetics for the games, that would be sweet!

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Why not? “More design work with no payoff.” - HH Devs, probably.

If you want them to roll out skins the same rate as PUBG/Fortnite and other FPS, you probably have to deal with them being hidden behind paywall crates.

These are super dope, if HH runs out of ideas they can always fall back toghe forum :smiley:

Always thought Min could pull something like this off:

Hibana Banana is one of my favorite operators.

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Also @CptLappo, I really like the cosmetic design for Hellbent (“Ghostmaker”?) Holloway as an upcoming Halloween skin. Not only does it fit the character really well (a hero who makes illusions and has a single glaring eye), but the mask could work with a grim underbite. @LordNikon @Huginn, this would be a really solid eye-dea for this upcoming event.

These ideas are very inspiring. I’m a fan of Hellbent Halloway myself, but we’ve already got something in store for Halloween. There are a few on here, Pretty Princess Razorback is perfect as illustrated.


I’m curious @Huginn,@LordNikon, and @Skathi, do you guys have the skin ideas set up for Christmas yet? Perhaps these guys could use some Christmas festivity:
Nutcracker Anvil

Tundra Tracker

(Sorry for the low quality)

Anvil terrorized me, thanks for the nightmares


Well, Anvil is the “Faceless Menace”, and most nutcrackers are kinda spooky, so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Wishful thinking but would be very nice with a Legendary Skin and a boost to his gold skill, like a bit of shielding. #MakeBaronGreat

Some great ideas here. Hellbent Halloway is awesome :call_me_hand:t5: