New Phalanx Skin

This is my first time making a request but I would like to have Phalanx improved. Her GOLD skill is pretty amazing but her damage is next to none. Can you guys probably increase her weapon damage and also allows her shield to be used as a passive skill similar to Mandrakes cloaking ability? And maybe introduce a more retro skin, something similar to Kobold, Yeagar, something up to date. She looks like a bulky piece of metal now

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so something along the lines of a legendary skin? increase her stats and give a new life to her ability or just her passive?

Exactly! My TERTIARY PVP line-up includes Kunoichi, Butter, Kobold Dogface and Phalanx. All @ Plat 75 with maximum skill points. Theyre pretty much compatible but after Phalanx initial shield is destroyed it’s pretty much reliant on Butter’s which is pretty effective. I’m only asking that Phalanx GOLD skill be made a passive skill like that of Mandrake. And maybe a pretty awesome legendary skin something similar to Kibolds or Yeager

That’s a ridiculous request. Phalanx is already top tier support. The whole point of her Gold and her Plat is to provide short-term burst support, just like Panzer. To expect her to perform well in areas like damage or past early game is just asking for a broken character.

Lol, it’s just a request I can understand not increasing her damage but asking for a LEGENDARY skin isn’t harmful or doesn’t effect gameplay

Let me guess, you’re a Ronin fan aren’t you?

Let me guess, you’re a fan of baseless accusations? Your topic about skins is fine, but if you’re expecting legendary skins or any character redesign to greatly boost Phalanx’s damage or even changing her Gold to a passive like Mandrake (insanely OP) is too unreasonable.

I refuse to go back and forth with you, it’s obvious you’re looking for something to pick at. Don’t know if you’re bored or incredibly argumentative but you win. I simple made a request, the decision is still left in the hands of the developers regardless of what either of us say. It was simply just a thought. Enjoy your evening sir/ma’am

@Muninn is there a possibility?

Anything is possible! I can’t confirm or deny anything, as usual.


Appreciate the quick response, hopefully you guys consider atleast an up to date skin with awesome details