November 2020 Update Notes - The Obrez Update

Which one? Col. Wesson?

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So, now we have Yukio? Lol

And what with her name? In Russian Obrez is literally sawed-off shotgun.

Hmm inspired assassin girl hehehe

Also, weird detail, but the cover art is really nicely detailed.

Perhaps some wallpapers with the new heroes? :slight_smile:

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The Rider rare skin got that Wraith look!

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Says right here, you can get up to three skins for opening this gunder dome crate using tokens from gunder dome including Peck Beck.

An obscure Charlie Sheen movie most have never heard of that was surprisingly fun to watch and mostly well done.


Or this :slight_smile:


How about Kiyoushi skin and few skins from full goal of Scavenger Hunt? They wasn’t add to rare skin crate like same skins from 2019?

That one is cool and clearly inspíred by Eiko Ishioka’s design for ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ (1992).

Sorry for being obvious…Couldnt resist :wink: :wink: :wink:


This was a special request of mine. Hope you like it!


Yeah! Callidus is a kind of vampire after all!

As for me Callidus look like more Warhammer 40000-esque bieng. But yeah, skin is awesome.

Those I believe will be available in the vault skin crates next year, based on what you do to achieve it. The vault is only available when you have the token while the gunder dome Crate is limited.

I like it, but I don’t see it in game for some reason. :sob:

Known issue! We’re working on it. It’s not available to earn right now anyway.

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after reading the update note, I understand that our golden tokens that we have accumulated during this time will not be able to work when the crates open on the golden event !! if I’m wrong, please give a clearer answer

Your Gilded Tokens will work on Gilded Crates, as always. That hasn’t changed. If you do this while the Gilded Festival Blitz is active, according to the rules of the event, you’ll gain credit towards that Blitz and its milestones. I’m not sure where you picked up that tokens you already have won’t work. It does not imply that.


The game isn’t opening after i update it. Why?

I dont think it’s the update because it was working fine yesterday with the update for me.