September 2019 Events Schedule!

Welcome to September, Hunters! This month’s featured Faction is KLG Irregulars (and KLG)!

Lots of events are happening this month! Check out full event details down below.

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.


  • Min’s Danger Simulator - Community Clash: Aug 31st to Sep 21st
  • Terror-Cotta Reigns - Xianjiu Skin Event: Sep 13th to Sep 20th

Solo Blitz

  • Sep 3rd to 5th
  • Sep 6th to 9th
  • Sep 10th to Sep 12th
  • Sep 17th to Sep 19th
  • Sep 20th to Sep 23rd
  • Sep 24th to Sep 26th

Alliance Blitz

  • Aug 30th to Sep 2nd
  • Sep 13th to Sep 16th

Solo Raid

  • Sep 2nd to Sep 6th
  • Sep 16th to Sep 20th

Coop Raid

  • Sep 9th to Sep 13th
  • Sep 23rd to Sep 27th


  • Sep 2nd to Sep 3rd – Elemental Wars
  • Sep 3rd to Sep 5th – PVP Tournament: Xianjiu and Hideo
  • Sep 9th to Sep 10th – PVP Brawl: Draft
  • Sep 10th to Sep 12th – PVP Tournament: Xianjiu and Yanlong
  • Sep 16th to Sep 17th – Elemental Wars
  • Sep 17th to Sep 19th – PVP Tournament: Xianjiu and Jarek
  • Sep 23rd to Sep 24th – Brawl Draft
  • Sep 24th to Sep 26th – PVP Tournament: Xianjiu and Hardscope

Bounty – KLG and KLG Irregulars

  • Sep 6th to Sep 9th
  • Sep 20th to Sep 23rd

Faction Fight – KLG and KLG Irregulars

  • Sep 13th to Sep 16th
  • Sep 27th to Sep 30th

Don’t forget about Daily Raids!


Wait please clarify is it thw whole KLG or only KLG IRREGULARS?

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Both. OP is updated I think.

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Should be KLG (Kurtz, Beck, Steele, Anvil, Operator, Vanguard) and KLG Irregulars (Jarek, Cinder, Richter, Hideo, Yanlong, Xianjiu).

This PvP faction fight must be reduced to 3 days , 4 days are too high

It is three days.
27th to 28th is 1
28th to 29th is 2
29th to 30th is 3.