September Update Sneak peak!

Stop using this bright yellowish greenish colors
Fortress pink skin is awful at least if you r going to use colors for common skins release couple of presets for each common skins
The blue baron / heimlock one is even worse
But the worst one is cross skin, he has a red skin and
Thats ok but why (for the sake of god) you did not change his hair and gun colors ???
How the hell is red and green is beautiful ???
Who is the designer in your team ???
He has awful color sense !!! Lol
But heckler skin looks insane :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: i hope its legendery one

Note for developers : i have heimlock skin but i dont have him yet is that possible or its a bug ???

Zali, it’s possible, one of my guys has a heimlock and phalanx skin and no phalanx and heimlock*