UAF skins recently added?

I just recently noticed in district 14 that there were UAF skins for Sentry, Vanguard and Medic. Were those always there or only recently added? It’s something to look forward to if they ever release those.

They used to be [?] and you couldn’t click on the hero for more information, now the icons have been updated with the skinned heroes. They were always there but the actual enemies in the mission didn’t have their skin loaded as it wasn’t released yet.

Stealth addition to this month’s update. Surprise!

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Are the skins the addition that we were told to guess from the picture?

Also, Will UAF heroes be getting KLG skins?

Guess we will have to find out when the next part of the story is released, maybe they will start their own faction entirely :man_shrugging:t3:

These 3 Skins came with the 2.10 update. The teaser is for 3.0. There’s waaaay more coming.

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