The most random bug

When I started using Galante in PvP ( laugh all you want, but bucket works well with him) in the Atrium map the camera zooms out so much that the cover behind Galante covers the whole screen.
That’s not the worst of it though.
When I shoot Galante actually shoots the cover BEHIND him, even though he’s aiming to the front. Idk why this happens but it did. I can only start shooting opponents once the cover is broken.

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From what ive seen, you dont actually shoot from your hero. You shoot from the middle of your screen/pov. This is most notable when shooting downwards with a laser sniper weapon, instead of shooting straight down the barrel, the screen traces a line from the middle of the screen to your gun. Your bullets will (almost) always hit the middle of your screen. So if your camera is broken, so is your gun.

Just some kind of posssible explanation, i dont have a fix ;p

Edit: forgot to say that they also changed galantes camera, it might be a bug from that, so just hope it gets fixed. Screenshots of the problem would help.

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Galante’s gun after update

delete this reply if its unfunny and controversial in suicide


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