[TNEWS] Recruitment

[TNEWS] The New Squad is looking for some new members! Our minimums are posted above. We have our bounty game down, and are working on building up our AW side. As an alliance that is only a month old, we’ve grown a lot, but were not finished yet! Come join our family! :wink: You can message me here, @J_A_D_O, or in game, J A D O, if interested.


I don’t know why to include pvp as a goal if the prize is individual and it alliances at the top or does not change its awards

You have 2 flagged posts? Lol

PvP and Co-op PvP was included on this post because some players are very PvP focused. It’s just there to help potential recruits know exactly what we are capable of.

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I wrote wrong so I just corrected

LMAO :joy::joy::joy::joy:…wow

You can edit posts, you don’t have to delete it and make a new one every time.

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Say that to the explicit post above