Trading-in Fragments

Hey, just curious on thoughts about a trade-in for Fragments of characters a players don’t intend on using. I understand of course not for other character unlocks, but maybe for stuff like gear, gold, elemental fragments, or a combination of the 4.

Just trying to stem off the feeling one might get off of a bad pull from spending gold on crates.


Are you talking about the elemental cores you can get from the bounty event and some of the blitz events we have had?

Think he means like if your not gonna use, example Moss that you can turn in his extra fragments for other heroes

Still a little confused though…are we talking like if moss is like 40/80 shards away from his next star and you want to take those 40 and transfer them?

I think that’s what he’s saying, and that wouldn’t work well at all… everyone would just transfer their fragments to current event-specific heroes and everyone would have a 10* event hero.

I was just throwing the idea of fragments out there as a trade in item (mind you the hero would have to be unlocked and it would only be for the element of the same type, and limit the amount of fragments per day/week you can purchase).

But specifically more for items like gear and bucks, which would be much more. Or maybe even a certain amount for extra raid tickets to Dojo and future Tier 2 raids.

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