Upcoming Events (Feb 13 - Feb 20)

Hello Hunters!

I hope you’ll all be soon enjoying Quasary, the Danger Sim, and getting those sweet, sweet frags :grin:
Next week will be mostly about our peacekeeping android! Let’s take a look:

“Arbitrator” Solo Raid
Feb 13 - Feb 17

War Season
Feb 13 - Feb 17

Solo PVP Blitz!
Feb 14 - Feb 16

Tournament: Quasary and Homerun
Feb 14 - Feb 16

“Crystallized” Co-Op Raid
Feb 16 - Feb 23

Bounty Event
Feb 17 - Feb 20

Quasary and Homerun Bounty Blitz!
Feb 17 - Feb 20

See you in-game!


Brawl: Elemental wars -13 feb to 15 feb- 2 days?? @Deca_Willow

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Hello! Please accept my apologies. Brawl: Elemental Wars will be for next week. I will edit it out of the schedule now.


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