Upcoming Events (Jan 30 - Feb 6)

Hello Hunters!

Lucy is flying your way, bringing you next week’s events! Coming soon are:

War Season
Jan 30 - Feb 3

Strike Three! Solo Raid
Jan 30 - Feb 3

Solo PVP Blitz!
Jan 31 - Feb 2

Tournament: Homerun and Luciana
Jan 31 - Feb 2

Bounty event
Feb 3 - Feb 6

Homerun and Marcus Bounty Blitz!
Feb 3 - Feb 6

See you in-game!

P.S. January 30th and 31st - save the dates :wink:


By any chance will luck be bring her feature crate or her frags with her?

Doesn’t seem like it as far as I know :confused:

Definately would have preferred Luci crate over kaishi crate


Can we have Serial feature crate ? Many of the new players don’t have him (including me) or give his frags in Alliance War instead of Kurtz or u can give fiber serial and Kurtz all in alliance war

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We had Front line hero crate a few weeks ago, then middle line. I was hoping for the rear line next (which contains luci of course), but it was not! Sigh……

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