Upcoming Events (Mar 20 - Mar 27)

Hello Hunters!

It’s time for the new Ethereal Raid next week! And here’s what will come alongside it:

“Remorseless” Co-Op Raid
Mar 20 - Mar 24

War Season
Mar 20 - Mar 24

Brawl: Elemental Wars
Mar 20 - Mar 21

Co-Op PVP Blitz!
Mar 21 - Mar 23

Tournament: Ballista and Cross
Mar 21 - Mar 23

Venom Guaranteed Blitz Event!
Mar 23 - Mar 30

“Helios Descends” Co-Op Raid
Mar 24 - Apr 7

Ambush” Ethereal Solo Raid
Mar 24 - Mar 29

Alliance Victory Blitz!
Mar 24 - Mar 27

Brawl: Faction Fight
Mar 24 - Mar 27

Specialty? Crate? What?

Happy Hunting!

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Gonna be fun but wondering what’s this ambush will offer? I didn’t hear it before. Can anyone give a brief?

I think it’s the raid that will have ethernal frags

I guess it’s mentioned, dude. But what i am asking is what are ethereal fragments and where is it used?

I am wondering what is the specially crate i think there we will have serial, please deca add serial in a crate, serial isn’t available even in 7* crate, and the Ethereal solo raids looks amazing

They are basically the all elemental frags but used for void and astral heros,

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