Upcoming Events (May 1 - May 8)

Hello Hunters!

Don’t know about you, but I am very excited…you’ll see why soon enough :wink:

For now, let’s check out the events for next week:

“Versatile” Co-Op Raid
May 1 - May 5

Brawl: Elemental Wars
May 1 - May 2

Solo PVP Blitz!
May 2 - May 4

Tournament: Bypass and Shank
May 2 - May 4

Alliance Hero Fragment Blitz!
May 4 - May 8

Brawl: Faction Fight
May 5 - May 8

“Helios Descends” Co-Op Raid
May 6 - May 19

Rearline specialty crate!

See you next week, Hunters!


:thinking: really? I’ve yet to be surprised by anything that’s come out in the past few years.

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