Upcoming Events (November 7 - November 14)

Hey there, amazing Hunters!

We’ve had a week full of events, yes. But what about a second one? Here’s what’s coming:

Unstoppable! Co-op Raid
November 7 - November 11

Brawl: Elemental wars
November 7 - November 8

Solo PVP Blitz!
November 8 - November 10

Tournament: Eruin and Dogface
November 8 - November 10

Alliance Hero Fragment Blitz!
November 10 - November 14

Brawl: Faction Fight
November 11 - November 14

Helios Descends Co-op Raid
November 12 - November 25

Ready. Set. GO!


This update seems slightly dragged out, but is definitely better to have things to do while we wait on the next hero! :grinning:

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Well, I have some exciting news coming soon :eyes:


Please be a void hero… we have had only 2 void heros this past year and like 7 astrals, I need a useful void hero that isn’t overused by everyone,

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Can we remove the level cap to keep the OG players engaged?


I don’t know about that, but maybe some extra things like an extreme level in solo raids that can’t be quick win-ed and gives ruby fans and such, and a extreme level gorgon that gives ruby nades and such?


I agree with those additions and opening ruby 7, but right now there is no way to differentiate OG players that put in effort and those that do not. We are all stuck with top teams between 240-250k power, but if my team is level 102 and yours is 100 then I have a slight advantage, especially for Alliance war, which is currently the only interesting thing in the game for us.

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