Upcoming Events (Sep 25 - Oct 2)

Hello Hunters!

It’s been a rough week for all of us. We’ve had desync issues, VIP chat still not working, and waiting for 7.3.
Let’s not linger on the bad times but take those experiences and learn from them so we can improve.

Looking forward to the future, here’s what next week has in store for us:

“Persistent” Solo Raid
Sep 25 - Sep 29

War Season
Sep 25 - Sep 29

Solo PVP Blitz
Sep 26 - Sep 28

Tournament: Dias and Lwa
Sep 26 - Sep 28

“Tactical” Co-Op Raid
Sep 28 - Oct 5

Bounty Event
Sep 29 - Oct 2

Dias and Lwa Bounty Blitz!
Sep 29 - Oct 2

“Ambush” Ethereal Raid
Sep 29 - Oct 2


See you in-game!


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