Wars are kind of boring

We are playing with 24 players. The commander said he’ll take some time off from this game, said his farewells and forgot to leave the alliance. :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:
I need to move to a better alliance.

If you are a serious player look Busy3 up when you get a minute. shameless plug. :innocent:

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I don’t agree with all you’ve said, but I don’t have the energy to reply you accordingly.

An opinion can never be wrong.

My war is not boring. People break truces. We fight. Have fun conversations in war chat. Make great friends and allies. Now, I would say new map that never been seen can spice it up. Are you bored with the maps?

You don’t tell us what’s boring. Is it because your alliance is too weak? You can’t win? Is it frustrating who your paired with? You have non-committed members? You ally with everyone and can’t fight? Tell us how it makes you feel than what the devs can do to fix it. Boring, okay I got that, but why?


I looked into their alliance. The reason why “they,” feel this way is because they are a total 2-3 mill alliance total. Their beginners. So once they move up in ranks they’ll feel it’s not boring at all. The KLG might be hard for them to defeat. Its hard to fight your enemy with that too. You hardly see your enemies. Theirs alliances that have mix high and low. Easy wins for them. They don’t have strong members. Not even a mill.

My advice is work on team level and grow. Get your top 20 to be really strong. Once your close to a mil, and your total alliance increases, you’ll learn war is by far not the boring factor of this game. Your more frustrated. This is the analysis I gathered by looking into your alliance.


@Amber_Sandy_Pistone As a matter of fact I must say the maps being repetitive is a little disappointing. Even if the maps were just randomized it would add some spice………but new maps would be appreciated. So yes is the answer about maps.

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I think it would be epic if all alliances bases was next together in like a circle lol with maybe a row or 2 of sectors in between would make it interesting. Than for territory it branches out.

Lmao! that would be a little weird. But, it WOULD be a change.

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It would lol but I can see different strategies. Like easily cutting people off. Going to bases. Seeing a race form lol they gotta do something different. Something weird can bring crazy and fun chaos lol

I have to agree. Would be nice to even the playing field, the higher up you go the more you run into many alliances begging for truces and pacts just to rank well. It’s annoying. There have been plenty of times we’ve been placed in the position of having to fight 2 or 3 alliances at once lol. It would be nice to have surprise attack returned to what it was. I’ll never understand why it was changed in the first place. At this point my alliance seem to not even care about doing them for a while. The rewards aren’t worth the trouble for many including myself.

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Don’t forget broken lol.

Alliance wars are a fundamentally different aspect of Hero Hunters. It’s more board game-esque strategy than a cover shooter. Just because someone personally don’t like it does not mean other players don’t, so saying the gamemode is “boring” is not very helpful to be honest.


Yeah, we are currently no 3 in our rank, so we have enough involvement. Wars are non interactive, and take a lot of time to spend a all the war points.

Hmm, it’s nice that you did your research, but from your point of view, wars are only made to be interesting for high levelled players?
I feel even the lowest of players should be able to enjoy this wars. Besides, we are not “frustrated”, we are doing quite well, and compete the for the no 1 spot in our ranks regularly. So, I feel thats out of the question, and an improvement on this aspect of the game is the best option.

Well, that’s your opinion. I’m talking on behalf of my alliance. Besides there was a poll on this forum on this issue, and 86% of voters agreed it was a boring feature.

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Potentially, there’s always a balance that needs to be kept when making changes. Some players like predictability and strategy, others want more stuff to happen.

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