War needs a break

War is fun, it’s been fun for 11 seasons now. The rewards are great, it’s evolved a lot and it has formed many new alliances who just focus on war. But, i think we are all feeling burnout. Top alliances have more infighting than ever and people aren’t staying in one place for more than a season anymore. War needs a serious break, it’s not easy putting that much work into staying at the top. It takes time and a lot of effort. Of course the argument is that ‘you don’t need to participate in war’ or ‘you can just take a break’ but it’s never as simple as that, a top alliance can’t just not play in war but it shouldn’t be so taxing that we don’t want to. A middle ground needs to be met, I suggest we half the number of seasons and double the rewards. 6 seasons a year instead of 12 with a month gap in between for rest, recuperation and finding good players who want to stick with you. Last weekend is an excellent example of too much being crammed into each month, bounty ended as war began and players couldn’t join an alliance they want for war without giving up their bounty rewards.

What do you guys think about this idea for a more relaxed season structure for war.


I love war to much to take a break. War is what makes it Fun

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“Focus on what you’re feeling and experiencing, not on what you perceive the cause or solution to be. That helps us process your feedback best.” ~Just getting this out of the way.~


As mentioned it is a taxing feeling and is hard work to keep doing war like this, the experience is bad as war just becomes monotonous and burns players out


That’s what I was looking for. You feel burned out, and the experience is monotonous. How do you feel about the rewards for your time investment?


The rewards are good, but the amount of time that gets spent organising truces and where people to put their bonus heroes to maximise points. The amount of time that’s needed to be a top alliance, it is burning us out. The rewards are the best they have ever been but the amount of time it can take to get them and needing to do that again every week, it can begin to feel like a second job


Best idea ever. Break please.


This is really, really good and very constructive. Gale, you’ve done a tremendous job of adhering to HH forum rules and regulations by expressing your opinions in a positive manner. I feel like this conversation is going somewhere.


They’ve already said multiple times they have no intention of having a break for war. Messed up sure. But there’s multiple posts on it

Hero hunters for life. No breaks ever

If you need a break, dont join an allliance or join an alliance with no expectations.


Hi Mun, if you want feedback, I will settle for you immediately. The war is a great sub-game, but needs some news (new bonus-maps-prizes). Now with regard to rewards … the difference between specialist and expert awards is objectively too high! Even the prizes for the single war and the season would deserve an update. Thanks

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@Gale @Muninn I second Gale’s sentiments.


The war pace is perfect. The rewards reflect the required attention needed just fine. Should we then stop pvp event because sometimes I just don’t feel like it? No, that’s rude for the other players. You’ve said it yourself, give it a break. If your alliance doesn’t want to slow down, be respectful and head out, allowing. Them to replace you with a player still hungry for the fight.

Seems there’s a mix of both type of players here, some agree and disagree. This is simply a thread to get people talking about this and hopefully get some feedback

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I was in an alliance that ranked top 50 consistently but also burnt itself out on war truces and managing defenses. I moved to an alliance that doesn’t rank top 100 after last season and the break from war is nice. It’s a lot more laid back and alliances don’t seem to care at all about truces down here lol.

My advice would be, if you feel like you need a break from war, take a break from war by moving to a relaxed alliance. I don’t think the right answer is fewer war seasons for all players because of how some top alliances might feel. That’d be punishing all for the feelings of few.

The only downside to moving to a relaxed alliance is they’re usually relaxed in every event, not just war. I miss those Bounty milestones and rewards lol.


I am in Tubesteaks and this is written in the word of everyone’s opinion, we are a top war alliance and can’t simply sit one out. It shouldn’t be so taxing on our officers that they want a break and stop war. We are awar alliance and the frequency that we have to do the same stuff is what is burning us out


Why? Why can’t you sit one out? Is it the pressure to stay on the leaderboard? Reputation? I’m genuinely curious.

I can understand where you’re coming from. If you’re not consistently at the top, other alliances will not respect you and not want to have truces. The other piece is recruitment. Higher ranking alliances will have a much better reputation which will make it much easier to recruit higher powered, active players.

It’s a brutal cycle.

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Just my two cents on it, but if you sit out an event, then other players are collecting rewards that you are not. Sit out a few events and you are no longer a top alliance, and you struggle to get rewards. So by sitting out, you are basically condemning yourself, and when you want to get back into being competitive, you have a huge hill to re-climb.
With that being said, I also do not like the idea of changing a game that millions of people play because a few players are getting burned out. By trying to appease a small group of people, you end up alienating a larger group of people.