What problem is this?

I don’t know what’s the problem happening on my playing missions.
It happen 5 times today. Whenever i play a mission it open but no enemy’s appears and time also not change. Any option not work. I jave to close the close. It consume my stamina.Below pictures are of 13-3 hard.

It is 6th time it happened again. This times player controls are also nt appearing.

You could try to clear game cache, relaunch it. Could also see if it changes after you update the game since that was released this morning.

When all else fails, contact support

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If you notice your heroes doing that “standing at attention” pose in their hero previews (where you upgrade them), then you might want to clear the cache and do a hard reset.

It happens to me too. Follow the procedure step by step and it will be solved.

  1. Close and relaunch the game ( to sink the progress to the servers )
  2. Close and clear cache.
  3. Launch the game. It should be fixed.
  4. Next time you play campaign play offline and on lowest visual settings. ( To avoid this issue )

Thanks to all of you for help.

You can’t clear cache on iOS

Uninstall and reinstall :man_shrugging:t2:

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