0.7 Release Notes

Hello, Gun Rise fans! This month the team focused on polishing and balancing the game to create the best experience possible. We’ve gone back to the early game districts and made some major changes as well as rebalanced the starting line-up of heroes. Also, look out for the new dual-wielding hero, Savage!

Here’s what’s new in Gun Rise 0.7:

District Updates

We’ve gone back to the early Campaign districts and done a major overhaul of all the missions. We feel the new missions are more focused and exciting than before. If you’ve already played through these missions, we hope you try them again! If you are new to Gun Rise, there are some fun missions waiting for you.

PvP Update

We’ve adjusted the matchmaker to achieve a better balance between team power and PVP Points. This will help make matches at higher ranks more rewarding and less punishing.

This is a result of your feedback. We’re still planning much bigger changes in the near future. We’ll share more of what our plans for that are in a couple weeks!

Co-op Raids

We now display your wins remaining on the match results screen and you can refresh those wins right from that screen. Additionally, we’ve put a lot of extra work into making it clearer when an invite has been sent out, including a notification! So make sure you have notifications enabled to never miss a match!

New Hero, Savage

A dual-wielding machine gunner. Lay down overwhelming suppressing fire and lock down large avenues of the battlefield! Savage will be available as part of an upcoming special event. Look for more information soon!

Click here for more information on this new hero!



  • Improvements to Hit FXs to better communicate effectiveness of Basic Attacks
  • Improvements to Damage Text

Hero Changes


  • Fixes for Dual-wielded weapons only firing from a single barrel.
  • The following heroes got new skill icons:
    • Salvatore
    • Moss
    • Odachi
    • Phoenix
    • Hideo
    • Bolt


Adjusting Butter’s role in the team, he now performs different than before, requiring a more active part as the tank in order to keep his teammates safe.

  • New Bronze Ability - Draw Fire
    • Self Taunt that grants himself a personal shield
  • New Silver Ability - Defender Shield
    • Provides a significantly more powerful team shield for his allies, but no longer shields himself

Click here for more information on Butter’s changes


Cast’s Gold ability provided an excessive amount of damage reduction compared to other Heroes. By lowering his damage reduction but providing Cast with bonus Health instead allows this ability to provide a lot of staying power but still allowing other Heroes to deal massive elemental damage.

  • Changes to Adrenaline Rush:
    • Reducing Damage Reduction to 25%
    • Added bonus Health
    • Increased bonus Attack Damage


  • Improved Bear Trap:
    • Improved visual feedback
    • Increased E.Damage
    • Reduced cooldown
    • Reduced Rooted Duration to 10 seconds
  • Improved Illumination Flare:
    • Improved visual feedback
    • Increased Damage
  • Rebalanced Master Trapper:
    • Reduced E.Damage
    • Only refreshes the Duration of the target hit, not all enemies.
    • Fixed issue where Bear Trap would deal damage again when refreshed.

Dog Face

Improvements Dogface’s ability synergy. Reducing the number of Durations and timers to make it easier to aim carefully and fire accurately without worrying about a loss of potential damage.

  • Improved Heavy Cal:
    • Increased bonus E.Damage
  • Improved Fire at Will:
    • Provides a flat magazine capacity boost instead of a duration.
    • Rebalanced bonus Attack Damage growth.
  • Improved Tracer Rounds:
    • The bonus is now based on Critical Damage stat instead of Damage stat; Rebalanced bonus Critical Damage.
    • Has a set number of charges instead of a duration.


  • Improved BFG:
    • Reduced Ammo Capacity to 3.
    • Increased E.Damage.
    • Increased Armor reduction on hits.


  • Improved Bladestorm:
    • Increased Damage growth
  • Improved Exo Leap:
    • Increased Damage growth
  • Improved Momentum:
    • Bonus Damage for Basic Attacks increases with each successful Basic Attack.


Adjusting Jackson’s role in the team to be much more DPS and focused. Elemental change provides the starting roster with a more balanced composition.

  • Now Mechanical element; was Energy.
  • New Silver Ability - Grenade Launcher
    • Fires a powerful AoE that deals significant Mech damage.
  • New Gold Ability - Concussion Missiles
    • Improves his Missile Barrage skill. Deals bonus Damage and disorientate enemies who are out of cover.

Click here for more information on Jackson’s changes


  • Fixes for Relocation’s bonus Attack Damage not being applied.


  • Improved Lead the Charge:
    • Increased Shield Health
    • Increased Shield duration


Improvements to the moment to moment gameplay of the sniper gameplay, as well as adding more agency to skill deployments. Nightingale now requires a more active playstyle and is now much better at keeping at-risk allies topped up.

  • Improved Sniper handling
    • Much faster fire rate with a new Standing Reload animation. She is more vulnerable to damage but can dish out a lot more effective fire.
  • New Bronze Ability - Heal Pulse
    • Only targets a single ally, instead of the whole team.
    • Applies a minor Heal over time on top of the improved instant Heal.
    • Much faster to charge and cast, making it less obstructive to the sniping gameplay.
  • New Silver Ability - Locked In
    • Applies a team buff that boosts allied damage output and critical chances for a short duration.
    • Marks an enemy target, focusing allied fire against the target.

Click here for more information on Nightingale’s changes


  • Rebalanced Shield Health values.


  • Updated hero model


  • Improved Taunt:
    • Increased Shield Health, and maximum deflected damage accordingly.
    • Self Taunts to redirect enemies towards attacking his Shield.


  • Improved Eviscerate:
    • Increased Elemental Damage
    • Increased bonus Elemental Damage
  • Improved Riposte:
    • Reduced cooldown
    • Rebalanced Shield Health
  • Improved Bide Time:
    • Stacks charges of Bide Time periodically; Each charge increased the damage of each Eviscerate slash
    • Removed Heal on expiration


  • Improved Protect:
    • Increased Shield Health
  • Improved Hunker Down:
    • Increased bonus Armor and E.Armor
  • Improved Combat Shield:
    • Increased Shield Health

Nightingale heal should work on Herself too or change it back (i saw people hating on the new nightingale because she doesn’t heal everybody)
And Remove the targeting system it is way too tidious especcially in pvp just Make the heal target the hero with the lowest health or Make it that you Can choose between manual and automatic targeting

Edit:PLEASE GIVE BACK BOLT i missed the chance To get him
I Wanted bolt since the first version of gunrise the herocrate just does not give him To me even tho he is a 5 star hero the crate promises me 5 star heroes but i cant get himi have like every single hero except bolt heimlock savage prophet and artemis( and in fact kurtz too)

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