February Update Notes

Hello Hunters!

We’re very excited to share what’s new in the latest Hero Hunters Update with you!
Here are the notes from our February release.

What’s New?

District 7 - Little Tokyo

A training ground for Kurtz’ specialized assassins, Little Tokyo is a dense urban district of dizzying heights with peril on all sides and a deadly warrior who waits at the top of the tower.

New PVP Map

  • Battle heroes in a brand new PVP Arena - The Shipyard!
  • Players will start to see this in PVP rotation.


  • It is extremely important to share trust with our Community of Hunters. As part of this, we’ve added a feature to display drop rate percentages for Crates. Go ahead and tap the ‘info’ button on a Crate for more details!
  • Added a confirmation button to Daily Win Resets

New Heroes



  • An assault fumigator. Scum is a hulking exterminator who suffocates his foes with deadly poisons and lethal gases. He dominates the battlefield with overwhelming area denial attacks that forces enemies to constantly relocate or take massive damage.
  • For more information on Scum and where to find him, stay tuned for a Hero Spotlight! Coming Soon!



  • An assault siege breaker. His powerful abilities and basic attacks penetrate shields, cutting through the enemy’s frontline with ease.
  • For more information on Yanlong and where to find him, stay tuned for a Hero Spotlight! Coming next week!

Hero Changes

Matador Matador

Improved Bull Rush:

  • Added Self Heal equal to the damage dealt.
  • Increased Elemental Damage.
  • Reduced Heal on killing blow.

Adjusted Rally Cry:

  • Reduced Heal over Time.
  • Increased Armor Bonus
  • Prevent Ability charge while Heal over Time is active.

Hero Drop Locations

Hard Mode

  • Changed Hard Mode 4-1, 4-7, and 5-3 Hero Fragments to BaronBaron

Hero Crate

  • Removed BaronBaron
  • Added HivemindHivemind

Gold Crate

  • Hero Fragments added (HallowayHalloway, FortressFortress, FrancoiseFrancoise, HivemindHivemind, MandrakeMandrake, CastellanCastellan)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes & Improvements

Feb 15, 2:40pm Bug Fixes

  • You should no longer see “Missing Entry!” when receiving Elemental Fragments
  • Corrected camera focus in District 7 when introducing Castellan
  • Mission 6-9 no longer has a placeholder item
  • The new unit in District 7 is no longer missing health and element icons
  • Italian and Spanish players should see a clearer difference between “Missions” and “Quests”

Just did update, new ennemy shows with no class symbol and 0 HP

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Hey @Rollyhead, thanks for the screenshot here.
We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into it!

This game is really cool full with fun but Please Admin remove energy regeneration system it makes game boring because all gamers want to play nonstop without break. Please kindly remove energy regeneration system. Thanks alot :pray:t3:

@Rollyhead, this issue should be fixed now if you restart your game!

All games have energy and I enjoy it, it gives people like me a break I think they should more energy giveaways though

Thank you for implementing the warning so we won’t accidentally spend our gold. Thank you and nice characters!


Taking break should be in our hands. Really you are 1st person who said this. There is no pc game with energy system only all mobile game have this sys after Candy Crush.

Hi! After update there is a red dot in Missions - Campaign - Normal. What does it mean? I updated the app and downloaded the new content already.

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Hey @Arkel,

We are aware of this issue and we are looking into it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!

We are talking about a mobile game right? But no not really because if we have that unlimited control then there’s no balance. And people like me who can’t play all the time because of work or school have that break when energy runs out. And I’m not the person who said that, I seen people to say and agree with this statement

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