4 Star Hero Concept: Enforcer

Name: Enforcer
Faction: UAF Airborne
Element: Energy
Position: Midline

At ease, soldier.

Weapon: DC-17m
Weapon Type: Repeating Blaster Rifle
Rate of Fire: 7 rounds / sec
Ammo Capacity: 250
Reload Time: 8 seconds
Damage: Similar to Oracle

Bronze: Repulsor Blast- Extends his arm and discharges a shockwave, instantly knocking the targeted enemy to the ground and dealing high damage.

Silver: Milkor- The DC-17m reconfigures into a grenade launcher that fires up to three small grenades, with high efficiency against shields. Once the grenade launcher runs out of shells, it will revert back into a blaster rifle.

Gold: Battle Focus- Grants himself and allied heroes a damage protection buff, lowering all damage taken by 25% during and after he uses Milkor. Additionally, any damage he does will heal a percentage of his health.

Lasts for 7 seconds.

Platinum: Heal- All allied heroes gain an extra small health after this hero activates a skill.

Ruby: Supported- A skilled Support Hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains a 550 Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.


I really like it, nice work and effort and I love the concept and the abilities seem very balanced and original :+1::+1:

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I really must say that your hero concepts are very interesting and fun to look through, they all look very amazing

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Republic commando fan I take it?

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Thanks, much love ;).

Yes haha my favorite type of clone, thought I would make a concept based off of him

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It’s awesome. Really a shame they can’t accept it as a hero.

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Yeah, the grenade launcher was a bit like Salvatore, so that wasn’t anything new I guess, but I would like to see some kinda shockwave skill like that. Blasts the hero back.

They cant take the hero


They can take the inspiration of the idea

I think


I remember hearing that it’s for legal reasons… maybe you could give them the rights to it they can use it?

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I had a hero concept of basically a hero that gets weaker and weaker while supporting allies and when she died she woul’ve buffed the weakest ally with a damage buff. So like a damage dealer buffed

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It’s copyrighted so they’re not allowed to use that exact character. But if they changed it a bit, an “inspiration” like Lappo said, technically they can use it. We gotta get our ideas from somewhere lol